Medical Aesthetics and 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for businesses in all industries, however, for medical aesthetics and clinics throughout the UK, Government measures have had a particularly devastating impact. The nature of remote work just isn’t possible long-term for clinics, especially when revenue is reliant on performing physical procedures.

The headache doesn’t end here though, we’re sure that throughout the year you have had to reschedule and refund countless appointments, whilst also adjusting to new, temporary ways of working. It is safe to say that 2020 has come with an unprecedented amount of logistical, financial and communicative challenges, with the Government instructed lockdown being the final straw for many businesses across the UK.

Just a month ago, we thought that we could see the light at the end of the tunnel, the Eat Out to Help Out scheme was a raging success (financially) and lockdown restrictions were easing. However, now we are back to the way it was in April, with nobody really knowing when or what the plan is. If you are worried about your business or clinic during this time, don’t be – here at Clinic Creators we make it our job to pay attention to all the aesthetics trends and tricks so you don’t have to. Continue reading to uncover our top aesthetics trends and strategies for 2020!

Medical Aesthetics: Trends and Innovations

As with everything in life, innovations happen, trends change and new, better ways of doing things become apparent. It’s very rare that anything becomes truly timeless and immortalised in people’s minds, we’d be impressed if you can think of an industry that has NEVER innovated!

Medical aesthetics and running a successful clinic is no different – you need to have the latest technologies available so you can perform the cutting-edge treatments that people are after. You also need to ensure your staff are well-trained so they can perform these treatments impeccably – but you know this already. So it’s time for something you may not know, the aesthetic trends of 2020:

Non-Invasive Leads The Way: As innovations in non-surgical treatments continue to advance, less and less people are seeing the need to undergo surgical procedures, especially when non-surgical results can now rival that of their surgical counterparts!

It’s Raining Men: Women still make up a large part of the aesthetics market and are by far the biggest demanders of cosmetic treatments. However, more and more men are turning towards aesthetics each year, with this trend only set to continue. The most popular treatments for men seem to be those that eliminate the signs of facial fatigue and procedures that help further define the jawline.

Gen-Z Is Getting Involved: When you are researching what treatments you are going to offer and trying to get a better understanding of your target demographic – it is important that you understand what the people born in the late ‘90s and early 2000s are after. Most of these people look towards social media for inspiration and are likely to opt for aesthetics procedures much earlier in an attempt to slow down the ageing process.

Medical Aesthetics and Covid-19

Unfortunately, Covid-19 doesn’t look like it has any intention of slowing down anytime soon, however, there are steps you can take as a clinic or medical aesthetics entrepreneur to help ease the burden the government measures have had on your business.

Firstly, you should try and incorporate at-home visits into your offerings if possible – remember though, if someone has shown signs of coronavirus symptoms in the last 14 days you should refuse to treat them. Another handy tip – if it is your first time working remotely remember to check that your insurance covers you for working this way!

To reduce the time that you spend with each client, we suggest that you meet with them prior to their treatment or appointment. Thankfully, with the advances in digital technology, this is easily done via a virtual consultation and takes little to no tech know-how to set up. A virtual consultation gives you the perfect platform to uncover any information that you may need, whilst also letting your clients know what they can expect when they visit you during these uncertain times. For example, many dental surgeries throughout the UK are now opting for SmileMate.

Just because a client or patient cannot come into your clinic for treatment, this doesn’t mean that they cannot treat themselves at home. This is the time where a good digital foundation can allow you to communicate with your current patients seamlessly and easily. You can still suggest products that can substitute their treatments and help them achieve their aesthetic goals from the comfort of their own homes!

Hannah Potter and Clinic Creators

Clinic Creators was established by Hannah Potter to help brands and businesses reach their full potential. Hannah is an experienced and highly respected businesswoman who has a passion for pushing businesses forward. From business development to strategy, transformation and marketing, Hannah’s long and distinguished career has become what many strive to achieve in the medical, health and aesthetics industries.

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